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Process very large PDF files in Serverless Mode

Use Case

A major player in the Medical Treatment Reporting business sometimes needed to process very large PDF files, up to 50,000 pages and/or 5GB file size.

The client already had AWS Lambda functions implemented but due to Lambda limitations these functions would time out for very large PDF files. So, for very large PDF they decide to run on local Windows Servers as this did not have same limitations as Lambda. However, as this used fixed processing resources throughput was very slow unless they wanted to add more windows servers.


Applications R-Us evaluated the existing code and Scalability requirements and decided that AWS Lambda could still be utilized. To keep within Lambda limits the PDF was broken down into more manageable chunks of PDF pages and a Lambda call was made for each chunk of pages.

Technologies Utilized

.NET, C#, ASP.NET, AWS Lambdas, AWS Step Functions, AWS Parameter Store, AWS S3.

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