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Incorporate a module to facilitate phone call functionality for their patient chart retrieval platform.

Use Case

 A major player in the Medical Treatment Reporting business wanted to incorporate a module to facilitate call functionality from their patient chart retrieval platform. The acceptance criteria was to allow the business users to be able to make calls to the healthcare providers, record call notes based on call categories, facilitate call playback and call transcription powered by AWS AI. This was part of a call workflow that would integrate into the mainstream business operations to control and audit the callers’ efficiency in retrieving medical charts and generating metrics at the end of every month.


Applications R-Us evaluated the scope and built a module using the Twilio API based calling platform. Using Twilio users could initiate and answer phone calls and automatically and track calls time, lengths and notes from phone calls into the database.

Technologies Utilized

ASP.Net, C#, Twilio, TypeScript, Angular, Javascript, SQL Server

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