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Create Sports Feed website

Use Case

A Client wanted a website that provided up to date Sports information for a sports person or team based on the selection made by the user. The Client wanted the website then to grab all the latest public information for this person or team from social media and news fees available such as Facebook, Twitter, Sports Networks etc. and present in a single Website UI that aggregated all this information in one place. They also wanted Twitter, SMS or Email updates to be sent out to User to let them know new information was available.


Applications R-Us designed a solution using ASP.NET MVC and C# and PHP that would call the Social Media and Sports Feed public API’s on a scheduled basis to gather all this information. Then all the information from these source would be presented in ASP.NET MVC Website with configurable Data Grids that allowed users to only have to log into a single source to get all the latest Sports Information.

When new information arrived the User was contacted via SMS, Email or Twitter Posts.

Technologies Utilized

.NET, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, Html, Javascript, JQuery, Xml, MySql, Twitter, SMS, IIS, SMTP