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Convert Web Site Service to AWS Serverless Model

Use Case

A major player in the Medical Treatment Reporting business had an existing website to process scanning the content of PDF files and match to Patient medical records in a database. The Vendor who originally wrote this process decided to perform this task via an ASP.NET Website running a Background Service. This worked for the client when the PDF files processed per day was a small.

As the client business grew the lack of scalability and use of fixed resources was causing performance problems. As the transaction count increase it required the client to create new Server Resources and deploying additional Web Sites as load increased. And to complicate things the client’s business is seasonal so resources had to manually scaled up and back as needed. And deployment was a nightmare as during peak season over 20 websites had to be deployed as each website could only handle 10 concurrent transactions at a time due to limitations of the original design.


Applications R-Us evaluated the existing code and new Scalability requirements and decided the use of the Amazon Web Services Batch processing would be the ideal solution to not only process more transactions at a time but to make scalability seamless and would not require any type fixed server resources to process as loads increased or decreased.

With some modification we removed the use of a Background Service in ASP.NET website code and instead submitted a single file processing request to an AWS Batch Job using most of the .NET existing code from written for the .NET Background Service. This not only increased overall throughput by a factor of 10, the client would only pay for each Job processed and would not pay for downtime of fixed resources model. And code deployment was reduced to uploading files to a single AWS Repository.

Technologies Utilized

.NET, C#, ASP.NET, AWS Batch Jobs, AWS Parameter Store, AWS S3, AWS ElasticCache, AWS EFS, AWS ECR, Docker and Windows Scheduled Tasks

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